• Who We Are

        MIMIER TRADE SA is an independent commodities trading company, registered in the canton of Lucerne (Switzerland). MIMIER TRADE SA line of business includes agricultural and petrochemical products wholesale trading. The company is a member of FOSFA, GAFTA, and EPCA.
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        • What We Do

          We trade physical commodities working out the optimal ways to pass goods from their points of origin to the points of consumption. We connect commodity producers and end-users by determining the time and form of delivery that would minimize the costs while retaining the commodity quality.

          MIMIER TRADE SA Memberships

          Structure and Leadership

          • GENERAL

            MIMIER TRADE SA is owned by MIMIER HOLDING SA (Switzerland), which is headquartered in Montreux (Switzerland) and has a subsidiary in Kyiv (Ukraine) – LLC MIMIER TRADE UKRAINE.

          • 2012

            MIMIER TRADE SA was incorporated in Switzerland in 2012 and is 100% owned by MIMIER HOLDING SA. It is the main trading company of MIMIER GROUP, processing the majority of sale & purchase contracts.

          • 2013

            MIMIER HOLDING SA was incorporated in Switzerland in 2013 and is a holding company of MIMIER GROUP.

          • 2016

            LLC MIMIER TRADE UKRAINE was incorporated in Ukraine in 2016 and is 100% owned by MIMIER TRADE SA. The Ukrainian subsidiary was established as a back office, a local logistics and execution support desk.


          The company's owners and management are focused on the long-term success of the business, promoting management stability and encouraging prudent risk management.

          • Mr. Claude Tarinas Cazenobe

            Director & President of the Board

          • Mr. Iaroslav Gordiienko

            Director & President of the Board

          Business Activity

          MIMIER TRADE SA deals with physical trading and logistics of agricultural and petrochemical goods.
          Main agro products traded are vegetable oils, sunflower & soybean meals, wheat, rapeseeds, etc. The company holds the top positions in sales of high oleic sunflower oil, sunflower meals and soybean oil.
          Main petrochemical commodities traded are gas oil, naphtha, gas butane, LPG and PVC.
          EU, Middle East and South-East Asia are main sales markets of MIMIER TRADE SA.

          Main products traded

          Petrochemicals / Agro commodities

          • Gasoil

          • HPPE & PVC

          • Corn & wheat

          • Sunflower oil & high oleic sunflower oil

          • Rapeseed oil

          • Soybean oil

          • 09

            Gas butan

          • LPG

          • Naphtha

          • Sunflower & soybean meals

          • Yellow peas

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          We use our market knowledge and best practices in logistics and infrastructure to:

          • Transport

            Transport physical commodities from places where they are abundant to where they are in demand

          • Store

            Store physical commodities in case of excess supply and allocate inventories when the demand increases

          • Blend

            Blend physical commodities to alter their quality or grade, according to customer specifications

          Main sales markets of MIMIER TRADE SA:

          • European Union

          • Middle East

          • South-East Asia

          MIMIER Finance

          MIMIER finance is an ad-hoc project launched by MIMIER GROUP
          to share its success and experience with the market.

          • icon

            Commodity Finance

            We have great experience in funding commodity trading. This type of financing is used by many companies, including producers, traders, and commodity lenders.

          • icon

            Project Finance

            Our team assists project developers in leveraging their investments to attract co-investments and long-term debt finance on the best terms. Our portfolio includes projects in IT, FinTech, Farming and Agriculture, Trade, and HR.

          • icon

            Dealer Support

            We support dealers in finding new suppliers, obtaining credit lines, using export finance, and creating retail finance solutions. We have a wide network of manufacturer contacts in the EU,Americas, and Asia for nearly all solutions.

          • icon

            Equipment Purchase

            We level the playing field when it comes to financial offers from equipment suppliers and banks. Our deep knowledge of retail & export finance compels manufacturers, banks and dealers to offer the best financing terms for your CAPEX purchase or project.

          • icon

            Retail Finance

            We create turn-key subsidized financing programs for manufacturers/exporters with foreign banks & leasing companies. We have relationships with financial institutions worldwide.

          • icon

            Raise Equity

            Through our network of investor clients and financial institutions, we have what it takes to find venture capital, mezzanine, institutional, and strategic investors for your project.

          For investors

          In 2018, MIMIER TRADE SA, as usual, adhered to the main principle: "A reliable trading partner will always perform, even in the toughest times." 
          We used a diversified funding model, which allowed operating effectively in all market conditions. Moreover, we developed a structure that protects businesses from market shocks, volatility and makes it possible to capitalize on arising opportunities.
          According to the financial results for 2018, revenues of MIMIER TRADE SA reached USD 132 mln – almost twice the figure for 2017 (USD 75 mln). Operating profit for 2018 is at the level of USD 3.0 mln, making approximately 2.3% of EBITDA margin.


          People are the key to success of MIMIER TRADE SA. We are proud of our meritocratic working environment – one that is forged in an atmosphere of integrity, ethical conduct, equal opportunities, and mutual respect. We set high standards for ourselves and our partners in our day-to-day activities.

          If you want to challenge yourself in the team of like-minded professionals and develop both your hard and soft skills, you're welcome to join MIMIER TRADE SA.


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