For Investors

      In 2018, the registered share capital of MIMIER TRADE SA increased 35-fold – from CHF 0.1 mln up to CHF 3.5 mln. The retained earnings of almost USD 4.5 mln brought the Total Equity of the company up to USD 8.0 mln The revenue of MIMIER TRADE SA has been steadily growing since 2016. The petrochemical trading has faced a steadier growth trend, and MIMIER TRADE SA increased its share in revenue from 9% in 2017 up to 56% in 2018. In 2019, MIMIER TRADE SA is planning to increase sales of all its main agro commodities – particularly, high oleic sunflower oil, sunflower meals, and soybean oil. In addition to the main sales markets of the company, EU and South-East Asia, the company is actively developing its sales in CIS region. Gasoil, butane, naphtha and LPG will remain the main commodities for petrochemical trading.

      Sales volumes

      2017: 75 USD mln2018: 132 USD mln2019 F: 210 USD mln2020 F: 300 USD mln

      Agro products & Petrochemical products

      2017:91% Agro products9% Petrochemical products
      2018:44% Agro products56% Petrochemical products

      Operating profit & EBITDA margin

      2017: 2,2 USD mln & 2,9%2018: 3 USD mln & 2,3%2019 F: 4,5 USD mln & 2,1%2020 F: 6,8 USD mln & 2,3%