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      MIMIER TRADE SA has formed a trading strategy and markets for the 2018-2019 season

      The strategy for the next year includes an increase in the volume of trade by 35-40% of such products:

      – high oleic sunflower oil

      – sunflower meal

      The main markets for the US, the European Union and South-East Asia. Also, the supply of sunflower meal in China will be increased.

      The company “MIMIER TRADE SA” is a representative office of the Swiss company MIMIER TRADE SA in Ukraine, which deals with international trade, where the main emphasis is on moving agro-industrial products:

      – cereals and processed products;

      – types of oils and processed products (unrefined sunflower oil, unrefined soybean oil, crude hydration of soybean oil, unrefined high oleic sunflower oil, refined sunflower oil, and refined high oleic sunflower oil).

      Currently, there are representative offices of the company in Ukraine and Switzerland.

      Deliveries of products are carried out in 12 countries around the world.

      The principle of the company is to be a strong part of the supply chain of the product, bringing the desired results to customers.